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  Chris Huelsbeck:
Bridge from the Past to the Future

Released by Chris Hülsbeck in 2001, this is a great CD of melodic themes and film soundtrack style music from this master of melodies.

This is not a real factory manufactured CD - it is a CD-Recordable, created by The cover and the CD are totally professionally made with colour printing etc. just like a real factory-produced CD, but the audio is created from mp3-files, and sometimes you can hear slight deficiencies in the sound quality, as the mp3 compression sound can be heard even though it's been converted back to CD-audio.

The CD has 14 tracks and a playing time of 48:18


Track listing:

1. Galileo
2 Light at the end of the tunnel - Theme
3 Light at the end of the tunnel - Credits
4 Atlantis
5 Tunnel B1 Intro
6 Tunnel B1 Credits
7 Cut Character Title & Dreamsequence
8 Cut Character Suicide
9 Theme from Battle Isle
10 The Great Bath
11 Tower of Babel
12 Romance
13 Turrican 3 Credits
14 X-Mas Theme

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.