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  Chris Hülsbeck:
Apidya Soundtrack

The soundtrack of the legendary action-game 'Apidya' by KAIKO, still the best! Professional studio remixes, of course.

It was first published in 1992, but was re-mastered and re-published in 1997. If you order it today, you will get the new 1997-version. It has a total playing time of 73:13.


Track listing:

1. Apidya Theme
2. War At Meadow's Edge
3. The Pond
4. Sewer's Blast
5. Techno Party
6. Boss Panic
7. Credits
8. Game Over
9. Crazy Lover
10. Trip Like That
11. Freedom
12. Breakout
13. Theme From Merland
14. Bonus track: Blade Of Fate


Reviews for Chris Hulsbeck "Apidya" soundtrack:

"I only have the 92'edition of this CD but it should be enough for a short review. This one has been converted nearly perfect from Computer to Studiosound. The best Tracks IMO are 1, 2, 8, 12, 13, 14. What i don't like are the Tracks 5, 9 and 10 (not my taste). But since the amount of good Tracks dominates it still is a worth-to-buy-CD." - Richard Wroblewski, Germany

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.