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  Bjørn Lynne and Seppo Hurme:
Hobbits & Spaceships
Released October 1992 DENS Design
Catalogue no. DENS CD001

This CD was originally published in 1992. It has sold 2000 copies without ever being sold in a real record store (all just word-of-mouth and by reputation). The music was made by Bjorn Lynne (also known as Dr.Awesome) and Seppo Hurme (also known as Fleshbrain), and was in fact the first time Bjorn Lynne's music was available on CD.

Bjorn Lynne's first ever album, with elements of instrumental sci-fi rock, fantasy music, new-age and melodic synthesizer music. A great CD to find Bjorn Lynne's musical roots!


  01. Dimminuendo
02. Sword of the Past
03. Beam Me Up
04. A New Age
05. Space Train
06. Graveyard
07. Mikael - Lost in the Woods
08. Space Deliria
09. Wave of Aliens
10. Fell Breeze over R˘han
11. Cosmic Winds

Reviews for "Hobbits & Spaceships":

"A very interesting disc because of the MOD to studio conversion of the songs. I like so much also the songs from Seppo Hurme, the other great musician in this CD. The songs are very relaxing and it's great to compare with the mod originals, in this days of MP3 music." - Urko Alberdi, Spain

"Magnificent work, despite being the first album from Bjorn Lynne." - Mauricio Lumbreras, Argentina


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