The LynneMusic "Extras" section:

...or: "Old bits and pieces".... This is the area of the site where I've put everything that doesn't really belong anywhere else. You can find some old articles I've written, some photos, DirectMusic projects, etc.

Go here for a long-ish biography / timeline of Bjorn Lynne music

Go here for Bjorn's old tips and advice for beginning composers and music producers.

Go here for Bjorn's page about DirectMusic (interactive music for games)

Go here for Bjorn's old article (1997) about writing orchestral music without an orchestra. The article is a little out of date now, but could still be an interesting read for some people.

Go here for Bjorn's old article (1997-ish) about various forms and formats of PC game music.

Go here for Bjorn's studio page (an old page... updated version will hopefully materialize one day).

Go here for Bjorn's photo album




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