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  Desert Planet :
Mario Built My Hot Rod

The funky and wacky Retro game style music group DesertPlanet are back, with their best ever release!

On Mario Built My Hot Rod, the compositions really are worthy of any major airplay pop music, but with a retro, 8-bit, video game sound!

Desert Planet are scheduled for a European Live Tour! From 29th April until 14th of May, you can catch them live in places such as Arnhem, Hannover, Basel, Luneburg, Zürich and Bern


Track listing:

01. Return of the Ninja Droids
02. Breakout Button (featuring Aleksi Eeben with Commodore Vic-20 sounds)
03. Granny Hunt ( featuring Eläkeläiset )
04. She-Creatures of the Dry Sea ( featuring Custom Drummer, aka Tomi Leppänen, the drummer of Aavikko)
05. Red Dwarf (2005 remix)
06. Turbo
07. Hot Rod Garage
08. Salsa Kong (Monkey mix)
09. Slurp!
10. Cherokees (Red Dog remix)
11. Four Snowmen
12. Interstellar Agent

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.