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  Desert Planet:
Joystick Pop

The second album from "retro game pop group", Desert Planet. (Earlier releases are "Asteroid Hopper" CD and "Dune Buggy" CD-single).

This new album features a lot of extremely catchy and memorable melodies, all presented in a very authentic 8-bit retro computer game sound. You just gotta love it!

At first you think it's just funny and a weird kind of novelty. Then, as the music keeps playing, it sucks you into the happy grooves and just go have to go along with the shameless feelgood retro trip.

The CD features 12 audio tracks, and as a bonus, a Video for one of the songs, playable on PC or Mac computers.


Track listing:

1. Lost Galaxians
2. Alien Hunters
3. Delta ( Commodore 64 theme -remix)
4. Teleport Ride
5. Joker
6. Mosquito Island ( Dreadlock-mix)
7. Popcorn ( Theme from the Arcade Game PENGO)
8. Load New Mode
9. Skatellite
10. Blockhead Warrior
11. Arcade Twist
12. Secret of the Saltmine (Imatran Voima -remix)


All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.