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Dune Buggy

More wild and wacky retro game style music from Finnish electro outfit DesertPlanet. This is a 4-track CD-single.

Question: Why make "bleepy" electronic music when you have a full professional studio available? Answer: Because you can!

This is both fun and groovy...

As a bonus, the CD also features a video of the tune "Asteroid Hopper", in high quality mpeg video file (48 MB).


Track listing:

1. Dune Buggy [mp3 clip]
2. Dune Buggy ( Jazzy mix)
3. Teleport Ride (Asteroid Hopper 2)
4. Dune Buggy (Gamatic 7600 Remix) [mp3 clip]

Total running time: 13:46

Hi-fi quality ( 48 MB mpeg)


Reviews for Desert Planet Dune Buggy:

"A cute little single. I especially enjoyed 'Teleport Ride', it reminded me a bit about the old Kraftwerk 'Kometenmelodie 2' (I think that was the name) which made the retro-feeling go a bit deeper. Anyway, the whole disc gives you a happy vibe and I see no reason why anyone enjoying this kind of music (inlcuding "normal" synthmusic fans) wouldn't want it in their collection." - Arne Heldal, Norway

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.