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  Desert Planet :
Asteroid Hopper

When I first heard this music, I thought "WHAT??! is this??". Then, slowly but surely, a smile came to my face, my foot started tapping, and pretty soon I was hooked!

A few words that come to mind when trying to describe this CD: "Zonk!", "Zap!", "Bleep!", "Zinggg!", "Blat!", and "sprong!!".

This is music for the arcade game generation. If you can nod in recognition when you listen to this music, this is for you. Like me, you shouldn't care what what normal people think about this music. It's not for them. It's for us. We know better.

DesertPlanet is the artist name for a crazy game freak called Jukka Tarkiainen. After having already made a success as a guitarist in a semi-famous rock band, he decided to go his own way for a while and just do something outlandish and wacky. The CD Asteroid Hopper is a brand new release of brand new music, but with a strong resemblence to music from early video games and arcade games from systems such as C64, Atari, ZX Spectrum, Nintendo and Amstrad as well as early coin-up's. Many of the sounds are totally authentic.

I must warn you against buying this CD if you are not a game freak. If you are a normal person, this CD will do nothing for you. You'll probably wonder what's going on. Do not buy this without listening to the sound clips first. Don't say I didn't warn you. But if you're from the same "old school" gaming generation that I am - you'll love this CD. What fun to play this CD at a house party!!! Awesome.

Here are some words from Jukka himself about his CD:

"I've made a succesful career as an indie rock guitarist in Jalla Jalla. Weve been gigging in London and Berlin and some of our records have been released in England, Germany, Spain and USA. This time I wanted to do something "for fun". I decided to release it all by myself, so I didnt have to think about any record company's opinion what it should sound like. So I had total artistic freedom in everything. Im very happy with the result: I call it game-pop, electro-pop inspired by classic video games."

- Jukka Tarkiainen


Track listing:

01. Asteroid Hopper
02. Sand Hockey
03. Joysticker
04. Walker
05. Monkey Labyrinth
06. Red Dwarf
07. RoboDog
08. Adios Amiga!
09. Sleeping Monster
10. Salsa Kong
11. Captain Pluto
12. Happy Goat: Codename 2001


Reviews for DesertPlanet.Com - Asteroid Hopper

"I bought this having listened to the title track Asteroid Hopper available on this page for download and I was hooked! To call it "game-pop" is perhaps a little unfair because some of the tracks are just down-right dancey. What gets me with each one is the way in which they start out so basic and then build up, slowly layer by layer, until you've got this audible swirl crashing around your speakers and you know what - it just all sounds right! The title track of the CD is a serious foo t stomper but it doesn't end there as Red Dwarf, Adios Amiga, Salsa Kong and Captain Pluto all have a very upbeat sound to them. The problem for me with this CD is that none of the other 11 tracks match up to the quality of the first, none of them get you as fired-up inside or bopping along in quite the same way. A couple even serve as just down-right oddities in the collection ('Joysticks' in particular) and you will detect an over-use of certain sounds after a while. All that said though, thi s is a brave album and worth investing some imagination and play time to." - Richard Davey, UK

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