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  Daniel White (Soundburst Productions):
Eclipse of Mars

This is an album full of feel-good melodic synth music tracks, produced by Daniel "Soundburst" White, with an old-school Amiga "mod tracker" sound. The sound is unmistakably Amiga all the way, but a little fresher due to the proper stereo mastering (not just straight from the left/right output.

I sometimes get questions like "Have you got something that sounds more retro?". Well, this is the CD you've been looking for.

I think Daniel White / Soundburst would have been big in the Amiga demo-scene if he had been there 10 years ago when the mod tracker scene was flourishing. Today, the CD represents a great sounding retro trip, like listening to a collection of really good upbeat, bright and melodic Amiga mod tracks, but properly mixed and mastered. Amiga fans past and present should really check out this CD. Listen to the sound clips.

As an old Amiga freak, listening to the positive retro melodies on this CD simply makes me feel good.


Track listing:

1: New Millennium (4:48)
2: Galaxy 12 (5:57)
3: Sky City (8:21)
4: RunThrough (5:14)
5: Oriento (7:33)
6: Mirrored Visions (5:40)
7: Electro Jazz (3:34)
8: Cascader (3:44)
10: Caschyna (10:42)
11: CloudBurst (4:06)
12: Grand Finale (4:51)
13: Bonus Track: Martian Garage (2:53)

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.