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  Allister Brimble:
Sounds Digital

Allister's debut CD from 1993 contains synthesizer- and studio-remixes of many of his biggest hits from Amiga games - such as Project-X, Assassin, and many others. On this album, Allister clearly shows off his talent when it comes to creating memorable melodies and delicate arrangements, reminescent of Jean-Michel Jarre or perhaps even more, Vangelis.

Here are Allister's own words about this CD:

"Sounds Digital" was my first CD album. It has been a great success and has sold almost 2000 copies. The CD contains several remixes of old Amiga game tunes as well as many new ones, all created using state of art synth technology. - Allister Brimble



Track listing:

01. Voyager
02. Himalayan Sunrise
03. Assassin
04. Drifting to Heaven
05. Creation
06. Magnetic Drops
07. Project X
08. Thesmophoria
09. Full Contact
10. Wildwest Kid
11. Mid Summers Heat


Reviews for "Sounds Digital":

"Yes ! Another must have for amiga fans... Contains amiga game musics as well as original jarresque compositions., and more... Don't hesitate a second if you like the amiga scene. Allister's bang ! tick.. tick.. is a masterpiece too, but rather a concept album. Get it before it's sold out !" - Mahendra Tallur, France

"Hmm think of yourself being in the middle of nowhere and listen to this CD to chill out. Sounds Digital is a remarkable piece of music created by one of my BIGGEST role models (as well as Bjorn Lynne, not forgetting you BIG GUY), Allister Brimble. The guy basically is a genius when it comes to music and obviously since the guy has been creating music since early age like myself. When I heard his music for first time on the demo scene and on Amiga (ahhhh) coverdisks, this guy inspired me to do music on my own Amiga 500, which I still have. After hearing his music on Sounds Digital you will honestly fall in love with his music. The first track Voyager is simply a breahtaker and reminds me of something like Blade Runner. The second track being Himalayan Sunrise is again a beautiful piece comprising of pure mellowness, I was thinking of being in a tropical beach when listening to this, honest. The next track which is taken from Team 17s classic Amiga game Assassin and funnily enough the name of the track is probably one of Allisters best tracks EVER. Drifting to Heaven is next and is again a moving bit of music with some nice touches and it also is a special one for me, very close to my heart Creation being next is another classic track and is worth listening to over and over again. Magnectic Drops is purely a lovely track which I would like to use in my productions and used for my own videotrack,which I did ask Allisters permission for Project X, WOW! A Massive thumping track with some nice piano bits in and great synth lines, another track taken from classic Amiga game under same title. Thesmophoria is next and its on the same game as Project X but its a nice slow melodic tune which gets thumbs up Full Contact is next and purely a masterpiece in regards oriental style and is also based on same game name by Team 17, beautiful music. Wildwest Kid is something different and to say the least it is surely another thumbs up as I think at the time allister didnt do anything like this but it still gets approval. Midsummers Heat is just a nice short tune and is probably my least favourite, but hey its still worth a listen. I hope this review has given you all some sort of idea of how good this CD is and I hope Allister or Bjorn gets the chance to either read this because its worth reading." - Paul Bridger, UK

"Sounds Digital is awesome! Looking forward to hearing TTB" - Erik Bowen, USA


All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.