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  Allister Brimble :
Bang! Tick.. Tick..

This second album by Allister Brimble - 4 years after his successful debut - is a concept album about the big bang and the creation of the universe. All the songs come together to form a complete story. This time the music is more slanted towards melodic new-age and cosmic music, with perhaps an even stronger link to Vangelis. There is also a narrative voice on the album.

Here is what Allister himself has to say about this CD:

"Following on from the success of my previous album, "Sounds Digital", I have worked long and hard for 2 years producing my new album "Bang! Tick.. Tick..". The CD tells the story of the creation of the universe, from the Big Bang to the Big crunch when the universe collapses at the end of time. A musical mind-trip." - Allister Brimble.


Track listing:

01. Bang! Tick.. Tick..
02. Everywhere and Everything
03. Discord
04. Order from Chaos
05. New Constellation
06. Home
07. Out To Play
08. Dark Age
09. Genetic Overdrive
10. All Gods
11. God FM
12. Epitaph
13. All Good Things
14. Tick.. Tick.. Bang!


Reviews for "Bang Tick Tick"

"Hey, I'm not good at writing CD reviews, but there really should be something about this album here. This CD is a must-have ! All the tracks are very nicely following each other to bring you into a wonderful journey around time and space (if I dare say so), not unlike the magic "Dreamstate" by Bjørn Lynne. Overall, the tracks sound much more like Jean-Michel Jarre than Vangelis music to me. Some are quite or highly lively (Out to play); others are more quiet and maybe like nothing you've heard before (Home, All Good Things...); but all sound *good* :-). Unlike Vangelis, Allister is using original instruments and not dull piano sounds, coupled with very nice and varied melodies that don't last forever ! ;-) Buy it, you can't possibly regret it. I've had this one since it came out (or almost) and still like it as much, and I know I'll buy the next album by Allister!" - Olivier Fabre, France

"Excellent concept-album, another must have ! Very varied, never boring. I don't know what to say else... It's brilliant. If you like jarre, you'll love this one :) I hope allister will make new CDs :)" - Mahendra Tallur, Franc


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