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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Bjorn Lynne's music heavily used in "Vampire Sisters" movie

If you get the chance, check out my music in the the half-erotic horror movie, Vampire Sisters . Some guy called Mitch Klein is credited for the music, but in fact, most of the music in the film is mine -- picked up as stock music and used heavily thoughout, right from the opening credits and in most scenes throughout the entire film, and right through the first part of the end credits as well.

I only found out about this because somebody recognized some of my music in the movie, and told me about it. So I bought the DVD at Amazon. :-)

I wish the producer or director could have sent me a quick email to tell me about the project -- then I could have featured it on my web site sooner. But it's really cool to have my music used in a fun flick like this, and I appreciate the credit at the end of the film. I wish TimeWarp Pictures the best of luck with this film and I hope they use my music in their next one as well!


Anonymous nebulus said...

lol! I thought that it's timewarp where i were involved :) So rare word-combination :) But i was wrong, it's other thing :))

Mine was about Star Control II clone. But anyway, Bjorn i'm glad for you :) BTW, it's me Andrey Gayvoronsky(translated your site in the past in russian), and i'm still on the your maillist :))

Success! :)

August 31, 2005  

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