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  Picture-disc CDROM :
Back in Time 3 Companion


This CDROM is meant as an addition to the "Back in Time" music CDs. Unlike the previous "Back in time Plus" CDROM's that have been cheap, home-made CDs with lots of public domain mp3's and info on them, this one is a professionally produced picture disc CDROM containing lots of unique material that can not be found anywhere else, and can not be downloaded from anywhere.

Back in Time 3 Companion is an essential resource of Back in Time 1, 2 and 3 information. It contains exclusive never-heard-before early mixes and betas from Back in Times 1, 2 and 3.


This CD-ROM includes the fabled Back in time+ in MP3 format. Plus it contains galleries of graphics from BIT 3, "One Man and His Droid", lots of text, reviews, trivia, documents, scans, screenshots and other curiosities from the making of all the Back in Times...! Text from Chris Abbott, Kenz, Rob Hubbard, and many other sources make this an essential purchase for the Back in Time fan, or anyone wishing to get the full Back in Time 3 multimedia experience.

The interface (designed by Kenz) is gorgeous, and the CD is beautifully presented, professionally pressed as a picturedisc, and included along with Back in Time 3 Audio CD in a double jewel case for convenience. How can you resist? How many other albums can you buy whose authors take you blow-by-blow through the creative process? Why did they make certain decisions? Why did they leave certain tracks off? New tracks never-before-heard on this CD-ROM include Game Over and Arcade Classics, and many other treasures, all painstakingly documented and analysed. Want to see Rob Hubbard's orchestral WAR score? It's here! And many other bonuses and covers, warts and all...


All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.