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  The third and definitive Commodore-64 remix music CD:
Back in Time 3

Without doubt the best in the Back in Time series so far! This superb CD is made in a sci-fi/space theme, and the new arrangements of much loved C64 classics sound better than ever!


Track listing:

01. Agent X 2 - (Tim Follin)
02. War - (Rob Hubbard)
03. Ancestors - (Larry Fast)
04. Shadowfire - (Fred Gray)
05. Armalyte - (Martin Walker)
06. Phantoms of the Asteroids (Rob Hubbard)
07. Parallax Stroll - (Martin Galway)
08. Ancestors; Zoids Desert Battle (Larry Fast)
09. Flash Gordon - (Rob Hubbard)
10. One Man and His Droid (Rob Hubbard)
11. The Last V8 (Rob Hubbard)
12. Delta In-game (Rob Hubbard)
13. Trap, part 1 (Ben Daglish)
14. Eve of the War (Jeff Wayne)
15. Trap, part 2 (Ben Daglish)
16. Wizball High Score (Martin Galway)
17. Ancestors End Credits (Larry Fast)


Reviews for "Back in Time 3":

"Back in Time 3 is the most "mature" of the "Back in Time" series so far. You can hear the evolution of sound in each album leading up to this current masterpiece. Well orchestrated, with just the right balance of synth and real instrument sounds to make this Back in Time album one of the best yet. Can't wait for more. Time to start remastering Back in Time 1 & 2 with more maturity such as this work of art!" - Mike Pawinski, USA

"GREAT!!!!!!!!! Sorry but i can´t say more!!!!" - Stephan Kettel, Germany

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.