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  More C64 mayhem!
Back in Time 2

Just like it's predecessor, "Back in Time 2" is a CD of famous and much loved tunes from the Commodore 64, all re-worked and re-recorded with synthesizers and professional studio gear.

Some of the highlights on this CD includes: Orchestral versions of Aztec Challenge and Forbidden Forest (by Peter Connelly, the guy who made the music for Tomb Raider 4). "Comic Bakery" (new arrangement by Tomas Danko!) and "Wizball 2000". An authentic reconstruction of the famous Zzap Sanxion tape. The ultimate version of "Galway is God" ("Rambo" / "Green Beret" loader). Fred Gray playing funk guitar. Mark Cooksey's very own studio version of "Ghosts 'n Goblins". "Driller" fans also get a full soundtrack-powerful version of this great track. And there's lots more, including the usual great booklet of facts and entertainment.


Track listing:

01 Aztek Challenge Paul Norman
02 Galway is God 2000 Martin Galway
03 Warhawk Rob Hubbard
04 Roland's Rat Race Martin Galway
05 Batman - the Caped Crusader Fred Gray
06 Terra Cresta Martin Galway
07 Scarabaeus Andromeda
08 Rydeen (Daley Thompson's Decathlon Loader) Yukihiro Takahashi
09 Ghosts and Goblins Mark Cooksley
10 Ivory Tower (theme from Helicopter Jagd) Giorgio Moroder
11 Forbidden Forest Paul Norman
12 Driller Matt Gray
13 Thalamuzik 2000 Rob Hubbard
14 Comic Bakery Martin Galway


Reviews for "Back in Time 2":

"They got the sound right on this one, versus the first 'Back in Time' CD. I think it was a reverb problem on the bass track in the older CD. "Forbidden Forest" is amazingly well done here and really brings back the memories. "Galway is God" sends chills down the spine. "Ivory Tower" reminds me of playing Helikopter Jagd wondering what the heck "Jagd" was (we joked Helikopter Jagoff!) "Comic Bakery" pounds out the bass with a great amount on synth right from the game.... oh just BUY it!" - Mike Pawinski, USA

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.