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  Digital studio enhancements of cult C-64 anthems:
Back in Time

This music-CD is a collection of some of the most memorable pieces of music originally made on the Commodore-64 home computer for some of the most popular computer games of the 1980's. Now the music has been taken into a modern studio and painstakingly re-arranged with synthesizers and effects. The result is this 70+ minutes music CD full of nostalgia and great synth-music. The fact that these songs still sound as great as they do, just goes to show how original and captivating the music was in the first place.

Bjorn's note: What I particularly like about this CD and the work that has been done on the music is the choice of sounds and instruments. The remixes have in most instances been done with the original composer actively involved, and that shines through in the way that the songs have taken on a modern sound, but still kept the charm that made them such big hits in the first place. It sounds great - and the music is, well, quite simply - timeless classics.


Track listing:

01. Delta 97 (Rob Hubbard)
02. Rambo - First Blood Part 2 (Martin Galway)
03. Sanxion (Rob Hubbard)
04. Thing On A Spring (Rob Hubbard)
05. Parallax (Martin Galway)
06. Auf Wiedersehen Monty (Ben Daglish/Rob Hubbard)
07. Mutants (Fred Gray)
08. Great Giana Sisters (Chris Hülsbeck)
09. Monty 97 (Rob Hubbard)
10. Arkanoid (Martin Galway)
11. Ocean Loading Theme (Peter Clarke)
12. Wizball (Martin Galway)
13. To Be On Top (Chris Hülsbeck)
14. Comets 97 (Rob Hubbard)
15. Delta Victory (Rob Hubbard)


Reviews for "Back in Time":

The sound qualty is flat compared to later CDs in the 'Back in Time' series, but this was the first. "Arkanoid" is a great song and they could have done a much better job, as the drums did not give it the sense of "crunch power" that the original did on the commodore 64 (digi drums). The CD is still worth owning though, and sounds close to having your C64 connected to your stereo! - Mike Pawinski, USA

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.