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  Scorpik, KeyG, Falcon & Raiden (Aural Planet):
Part: Second

The three famous scene-musicians are now four! With the addition of the new and fresh talent "Raiden" (Radoslaw Kochman), they are back as the band Aural Planet, this time with a high energy psychedelic goa trance album!

This is a great follow up their debut album Lightflow, which was more laid-back and cosmic. The new album "Part:Second" is a very intense and immersive trance trip. Here are some words from Scorpik himself about this album:

"After two years of experimentation and knob twiddling we journed to the world of composing and bring you "Part : Second". This album brings to you a different sound than what we presented on our debut CD. This time we decided to explore the exciting world of Goa/Trance. With this CD you can listen to 10 songs contain 70 minutes of fast and dynamic beats that will give you a ride into a world filled with psychedelic rhythms.

We've been able to do this by expanding our horizons and experiences through our time off from the hectic world of commercial music. We also brought in another creative mind in Radoslaw "Raiden" Kochman that helped expand all of our creative efforts. His inclusion really helped kickstart our activity and the result you see is "Part Second"." - Adam "Scorpik" Skorupa


Track listing:

01 Secret Garden
02 Samadhi
03 Reminiscenter Incorporated
04 Lunarplanetarium
05 Trip to Nowhere
06 Psi Generator
07 Semirotation
08 Eternal Totem
09 Prayp
10 Polar Valves


Reviews for "Part Second":

"Simply put, goa trance music lovers will love this CD. People who hate techno / hgoa trance music will hate this CD ! The last track, the only one which is not goa / trance music is VERY interesting, sounds like future sound of london or maybe Aphex Twin. Great ! " - Mahendra Tallur, France

"While Aural Planet's "Part:Second" CD may not quite measure up to their "Lightflow" album or their excellent collaboration with Divinorum on "Power Liquids", I think it would have some appeal to those into trance. It certainly put me into a trance-like state!" - Bruce McMillan, USA


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