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  Scorpik, KeyG and Falcon (Aural Planet):

Scorpik, KeyG and Falcon - three big names in the underground demo/music scene and their first CD album titled "Lightflow" under the band name Aural Planet.

Adam Skorupa, also known as Scorpik, produced this CD together with his friends Jacek Dojwa (Falcon) and Konrad Gmurek (Key G).

The music leans towards "cosmic trance". The tracks are very electronic and produce a nice, deep and open spacey cosmic feeling. Unlike some other ambient albums, nothing on this CD goes on and on for too long, so it doesn't get boring as the soundscapes and grooves are changing all the time.

Here are a few words from Adam 'Scorpik' Skorupa himself about the CD:

"It took half a year to do this CD - and we spent a lot of time deciding which tracks should make it to "Lightflow". Our goal was to put some kind of story into it - record the tracks in a certain order and create a special atmosphere so you can find yourself following a sequence of visions tied by a certain direction. The first part is supposed to slowly take you deep down into the depths of the ocean, and the second part will quickly take you back to the surface. We suggest you dim the lights and sit back comfortably ... we hope the effect will be immense." - Adam "Scorpik" Skorupa

Who is Scorpik?

Scorpik (real name Adam Skorupa) has been in the demo scene for about 10 years. During that time he was member of a few different groups in the Amiga and PC demo scene. Most famous of the Amiga groups were Absolute! and Alchemy, but he also joined the group PULSE on PC. He was also a member of Noiseless, formed by Jogeir Liljedahl and Kim "Jason" Jensen. KeyG and Falcon are also PULSE's members.

Scorpik made the music for several very famous Pulse demos, among them was "Tribes" (winner of The Party'97). He also made a music disk together with Jogeir Liljedahl called Ambrozia.

Scorpik won The Party'94 music-compo, got 2nd place at Scenest'97 (Hungary), 2nd place at Wired'98 (belgium), 3rd on Mekka-Symposium'97 (Germany).

Falcon won Mekka-Symposium'97 music compo and Wired'96. All three musicians involved on this CD have won several polish competitions, although these parties weren't so well known on the global demo-scene.



Track listing:

01. Intro
02. Pipe Life
03. Head Dream Machine [mp3 clip]
04. The Motion Image of Pleasure [mp3 clip]
05. The Deep
06. Blue Water Cave
07. Have you Ever Been
08. Transphere [mp3 clip]
09. Synapse [mp3 clip]
10. M


Reviews for "Lightflow":

"I really enjoyed the sound of Lightflow. if you like trance music without 4/4 beats i'd recomend you to buy it :). it has some veeery very nice soundscapes". - Jorge Nunes, Portugal

"Astounding. This has to be one of the best electronic CDs I've ever heard. Space trance is a good description for it, though it bears no resemblence to the typical "trance" musical style that is prevalent these days (and which I dislike entirely).

Starting with Pipe Life, which is an absolute must-hear for every electronic fan, the CD seemingly progresses more and more into the music, with fluent passages and decidedly coherent musical transitions. Absolutely great sound, great production quality for an "underdog" CD (tested on Arcam CD Alpha 7 SE/JMR Twin MK2/Akai AA-R30 with generic interconnects) and perfect music to just kick your shoes off and get sucked into. Highly recommended!" - Tomer Gabel, Israel

"well... i bought it some years ago:) Still consider it perfect in its own specific way... I can nothing but speak of it really high." - Yoanna, Poland

"My first impression was a bit disappointing (I was naturally expecting more "fountain of sighs" and "cosmic outflow") due to the relaxed, repetitive style and lack of anything that would qualify as melodies. After listening to it a few more times, though, I couldn't help but fall in love with the intricacies and sheer beauty of the music. This CD has since become one of my all time favorite albums, not because of any specific song (except maybe "M") but because listening to the album from start to finish is one of the most absorbing, beautiful, and relaxing ways I have ever spent an hour." - Ben, USA

"It's too bad that Aural Planet's "Lightflow" CD is currently sold out. It's got some decent tunes, almost as good as their excellent collaboration with Divinorum on "Power Liquids"! I think it would appeal especially to those into trance and other electronic music." - Bruce McMillan, USA


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