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  Scorpik, KeyG, Falcon & Raiden (Aural Planet):
Acoustic Plantation Releases

This sublime collection of electronic chillout tracks are somewhere in the lands between slow trance, sequencer based electronica, unearthly grooves and pumping, sizzling, slowly pulsating, warm synth atmospheres. The deep, rich, clean sound will completely fill your whole body with a warm groove that just won't stop... a fantastic musical journey.

This collection of Aural Planet's chillout tracks contains some new versions of previously released tracks, together with some brand new tracks as well. Total playing time


Track listing:

01. Hydropoetry Cathedra
02. Sub Sea Engineering Project
03. Are U Human
04. Liquid Incense
05. Costa Del Nymphos
06. Are U Human (Tekdev 69 mix)
07. Gene
08. Polar Valves
09. Exposure
10. Retry


Reviews for "Acoustic Plantation Releases"

Aural Planet consists of the 4 Polish lads Jacek Dojwa, Konrad Gmurek, Radoslaw Kochman and Adam Skorupa. They are working together in a very special way over the internet which makes their work even more remarkable. This album (Acoustic Plantation Releases) is kind of a collection of their best work from the past years and picked out from their previous albums right next to recent work. The result is an amazing piece of music ranging from futuristic slow breaks (quite heavy and sharp, almost metallic) and tracks with elements of ethnic moods and nice ralaxing drum patterns on top of flowing textures and melodies, even ambient (Retry). The track "Hydropoetry Cathedra" was signed to Iboga Records in a Manmademan remix around a year ago, but it was not until i got this album a few months back that i discovered what a true pearl the original version is. Its probably one of the most beautiful tracks i heard in a very long time. And in the same league but not closely as beautiful is the track "Costa Del Nymphos". It somehow associates with being underwater and swimming at coral reefs with myriads of life surrounding in millions of colour nuances, with distant singing by a mermaid. The album stretches into more experimental grooves but manages to stay interesting and fresh throughout! Its an album which can be listened to many times and during each listen you will discover more details of the story told by Aural Planet in this sum up from their debut in 1997 up until 2004. 8/10. - DJ Banel / Iboga Recs, Denmark

You can tell that the boys at Aural Planet have they roots deep into the Amiga scene by comparing the two (very different) musical styles most of the demo composers are known to love. One is very dark, goa, trancy, almost painfully experimental (Part Second, 5 EX Engine), the other is totally dreamy, chill-out and definitely new age (Lightflow, Acoustic Plantation Releases). Choose your pick! The very first piece of Scorpik's music I ever listened to was his fantastic ProTracker module for the Amiga demo "Beyond the Future". Later I discovered the rest of the Aural Planet band when they provided guest releases for the (back then) legendary Tokyo Dawn Records musical project. I think the lounge style they started to develop at TDR strongly influenced much of their later ambient works. This is the style I prefer and the one I believe they feel the most comfortable with. I was hopelessly waiting for a follow-up to Aural Planet's debut album; not only did I get one, but a beautiful one at that! Acoustic Plantation Releases is extremely well crafted from start to finish, and Costa del Nymphos has to be one of their best tracks ever. I just can't wait for Chilling Cuts 2! - Kaminari, France

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