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  Scorpik, KeyG, Falcon & Raiden (Aural Planet):
5 EX Engine

Back in style for a third time, the 4 extremely talented demo-scene musicians are back with a full length CD album of intelligent electronic music, ranging from drum'n bass through trance, electronic, and other sounds that are harder to pin down to a particular style.


Track listing:

01. Paleo
02. Stimulation (Part Three)
03. Subtropolis 10893
04. Subtropolis 10893 (Crankshaft Blossmx)
05. Subtropolis 10893 (Auralp Remix)
06. Necrodelica
07. Upsilon
08. Phoebus
09. Costa del Nimphos
10. Gene
11. Subtropolis 10893 (Nemezis Remix)


Reviews for "5 EX Engine":

"Aural Planet "5EX Engine" is a great collection of tunes, featuring DNB,TRANCE,ELECTRONIC, and EXPERIMENTAL. I would recomend this album to anyone that likes any of the above music styles. And to anyone looking for something different to add to there music collection this is a very good place to start." - Wayne M, England

"I can't recommend Aural Planet's "5EX Engine" CD. After hearing their "Lightflow" CD and their excellent collaboration with Divinorum on "Power Liquids", I had high hopes for this album. However, instead of making actual listenable music, Aural Planet resorted to filling up "5EX Engine" with nothing but electronic gimmickry! Obviously the path that lead to this CD isn't working! I hope they go back to what made their "Lightflow" CD good. " - Bruce McMillan, USA

"5EX Engine is quite different from Aural Planet's other CDs. Though the songs vary, ones like Subtropolis, Necrodelica, and Paleo are fairly "difficult" to listen to, and have an extremely edgy, aggressive sound. Others, like Stimulation 3 and Costa del Nymphos, are easier on the ears. I think Paleo, Necrodelica, and Stimulation 1 and 2 (though not 3) are available from aural planet's website (, so I would download them there and see if you like them. Still, I think this is a must for aural planet fans; nobody can accuse them of sounding stale." - Ben, USA

"Those are the best electric musician's I've ever heard.The Combination of styles is brilliant and the first track "Paleo" is SMASHING! I recommend Aural Planet to every fan of good music :) peace!" - Kadafi, Poland

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.