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Assembly demo-party compilation double-DVD:
Assembly'02 DVD-ROM Compilation

This is a double DVD-ROM featuring all the demo-scene releases from ASM02 (Assembly 02), the world's greatest demo-scene party held every year in Helsinki.

Contents (9.4 GB ++):

  • all releases from the ASSEMBLY '02 competitions
  • all video recordings from ASSEMBLY '02 Game Development Seminars (including Bjorn Lynne's DirectMusic seminar, Rob Hubbard talks for hours about the C64 music scene, and many others)
  • the best clips from AssemblyTV including opening and prize giving ceremonies
  • exclusive VIP guest interviews
  • special features like ASSEMBLY '02 in 1 minute, party reports and photos, etc.

This is a double DVD-ROM, not a DVD-video. Unlike MindCandy which is for use in your living room and on your TV, the ASM02 double DVD is for use in your computer.

You can't even begin to guess how many hours of entertainment and amazement you will have from all the wonderful demo-scene content on this double DVD!

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.