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  Andreas Stuermer:
Land of Genesis - original game soundtrack

This music CD contains all 13 tracks featured in the game from ClearWater Interactive, Land of Genesis. 4 bonus tracks (previously unreleased) are also included, making a total of 17 tracks on this album. All tracks are digitally remastered, with special effects post production.

Digitally remastered Studio Album. Composed by Andreas Stuermer, nofuture music productions. Copyright (c) 2000-2001.

This is a CD-R, but it's very professionally made with full glossy colour cover artwork, etc.


Track listing:

01. Visions Of Unreality (Options Menu) 4:44
02. Strange Dreams (Mars Base) 3:46 [mp3 clip]
03. No Fear! (Mars Base-Boss) 2:56
04. Synthesized (The Tunnel) 4:47
05. War Machine (The Tunnel - Boss) 2:55
06. Millenium (Magma River) 4:11
07. Project Space (The Forrest) 5:08 [mp3 clip]
08. Extreme End (The Forrest - Boss) 2:55
09. Magic Changes (The City)
10. Take Me Away (The City - Boss) 2:59
11. Regaining... (Shop) 1:15
12. Space Traveller (High Scores) 2:43 [mp3 clip]
13. Ancient Vibes (Ending Theme) 4:23

Bonus tracks:

14. A New Horizon 2:32
15. Fade Into Reality 3:39
16. The Battle Is Finished! 3:57
17. The Mars Experiment 0:39

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.