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  Andrew Sega (Necros) (Now working as 'The Alpha Conspiracy') vs Low Technicians:
Forward Rewinding

Andrew Sega, also known as "Necros" in the scene, is back with his band project Alpha Conspiracy. This time he has done an EP length CD of superb electronic together with Brad MacAllister, also known as Low Technicians.

The two musicians have done 4 tracks each on this CD with a total of 8 tracks and a playing time of approx. 35 minutes.

The music is great electronic music that touches on many different electronic styles and genres. One of the high points is the superb cover version of Howard Jones' "Things Can Only Get Better".


Track listing:

01. Low Technicians - Sunday Monday Morning
02. Alpha Conspiracy - Subdivided
03. Alpha Conspiracy - Last Collection
04. Low Technicians - Spited You Ever Since
05. Alpha Conspiracy - Things Can Only Get Better
06. Low Technicians - Call Me Back
07. Low Technicians - Anti-Everything
08. Alpha Conspiracy - Zeno's Paradox


Reviews for The Alpha Conspiracy vs Low Technicians: "Forward Rewinding":

"Just received my copy in the mail and I'm so pleased! After grooving to Cipher for several years, it's great to have some more Alpha Conspiracy to listen to. I'm quite pleased, too, with the Low Technicians' additions to this EP. Although I find the vocals on the first cut to be annoyingly de-tuned, the rest of their stuff is quite good - groovy and upbeat. Of course, not enough great things can be said about TAC's cover of 'Things' - it's worth the price of this disc alone. Thumbs up!" - Josh Malone, USA


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