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  Andrew Sega (Necros) (Now working as 'The Alpha Conspiracy'):

The Alpha Conspiracy is synonymous with the musician Andrew Sega, known by many in the scene as "Necros".

This is his second professional release (actually the third, if you include his collaboration EP with The Low Technicians, entitled "Forward Rewinding"), and the style is something I would call intelligent electro, based on equal weight between grooves/textures and melodies. Sometimes it almost sounds like it's inspired by the better part of 80's pop music such as Human League or Kraftwerk etc, only with a sound/production that sounds darker, dirtier and more modern.

From Andrew's own description: "2004 brings us the second release from the electronica project The Alpha Conspiracy. "Aura" is a complex, textured record, which combines elements of many electronica styles (IDM, trip-hop, nu-breaks, industrial) into a moody, powerful whole. Following the path laid down by such bands as Underworld, Plaid, and Meat Beat Manifesto, "Aura" is an exploration of the boundary between pop structure and abstract, rhythmic, soundscapes."


Track listing:

01. Wishing Never
02. Close
03. Crush Terminology
04. Defend Yourself
05. Accelerating (feat. J Ned Kirby)
06. Awake
07. 72 Hours
08. Waterfall
09. City of Ruin
10. Bip Neuro
11. RTYU
12. Scarlet


Reviews for The Alpha Conspiracy: "Aura":

"I totally love this album! I've been following the music of Necros for years now and he is just getting better and better. This album is amazing! Every track is smooth and comfortable to listen to. I can't wait for his next album." - Michael Hansen, USA

"Necros has been kicking ass galore ever since his MOD days, and though his style changed much since then, he still is able to create extremely engaging electronic tunes. Cross Product is an excellent beginning to this disc, whereas Martian Lovesong is a good remix of an older module by Andrew; Winter is absolutely awesome and most of the other tracks are great as well. I have two qualms regarding this CD: the first is a couple of tracks I really can't stand (Glass and Morphic - I figure they're experimental, but I find them unbearable), and pretty low mixing quality (tested on Arcam Alpha 7SE/JMR Twin Mk2/Akai AA-R30 with generic interconnects) that is both generally evident, as well as specifically apparent in some parts of the disc (for example, many clicks and pops in Martian Lovesong). However, despite these problems, the CD still contains great music an d is very enjoyable." - Tomer Gabel, Israel

"This is an excellent album, and quite a departure from mindless techno. Very profound tracks, each sounding unique. "Winter" is a beautiful composition, but "Skeptopotamus" and "Spiral Effect" and very cool too. An excellent album; Andrew rox!" - Ravi Subramanian, USA

"After grooving to Cipher for almost 3 years, Aura is a splendid second volume from such an experimental master as Necros/TAC. Andrew has definitly "kicked things up a notch" both in terms of the sound of the album and its musical direction. It's obvious right away that there's been no resting upon laurels in Austin (Texas, that is). I'm reminded just enough of Cipher to be re-assured that I put the right CD in the deck - but the improvement in TAC's sound is astonishing. I've even heard 'Close' on the radio here in town. Somebody has made himself very much at home in the studio. If you've ever found your head bobbing to a Necros tune before, this album is not to be missed. Thank you, Andrew." - Josh Malone, USA


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