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  Bjørn Lynne:
Alien Breed 3D - original game soundtrack
Year: 1995

Soundtrack CD from the popular Amiga game "Alien Breed 3D" from Team17 Software. I wrote the music for this game back in 1995. The music featured on this CD is not recorded from the Amiga computer, but is recorded in full studio with synthesizers and effects, etc. Some of the music was featured on the CD (CD32) version of the game, other parts of this CD is remastered and re-arranged synth/studio versions of the Amiga floppy disk version of the game.

As a bonus-track at the end of the CD, I have also added the original Amiga floppy-disk version of the Alien Breed 3D title track, complete with Amiga chip sounds and everything!

The music style is synth-rock, some melodic and some more atmospheric or dramatic. This music was composed around the same period as my CD Dreamstate, so if you already have that CD, you have a pretty good idea of the general style and sound of this music


  01. The Breed (Title Track)
02. A Promise of Fear
03. Alien Encounter
04. Ashes of the Dead
05. Breed Theory
06. Deeper Waters
07. Go with a Grin
08. Riding the Stream
09. The Steam Pits
10. Overcome
11. Alien Breed 3D - End Credits
12. Bonus track: The Breed (Amiga chip version)
13. Bonus track: The Nightwatch

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.